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Space Manifesto

 Space Manifesto is a genderfluid communist alien drag performer. They come from an asteroid called "ST 1969". where they lived a happy life of fully automated, luxury, queer, space communism. 

 During their vacation in outer space, they fell on Earth by a mistake and got trapped in capitalism and its best friends: patriarchy, class, nation and the rest systems of oppression. As an alien here on Earth, Space is an outcast freak and therefore, they feel comfortable only around drag performers; definitely the freakiest on this place called Greece, where they happened to land on.

 Through their drag, Space makes feminist political commentary, pro-communist speech, criticism on gender boundaries and stereotypes as well as antifascist acts. For Space, capitalism has to fall and it’s only through communism that our societies can achieve equality among humans as well as technological advancement.

 So far Space has performed in Greece, France and Germany and their shows have taken place to festivals including ASFA BBQ: The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures/Athens and Bandits-Mages/Bourges,  and venues such as the National Greek Opera's Alternative Stage and SchwuZ Club in Berlin.

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